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About EMF

The EMF Company, Inc. was established in 1953 as a family owned sheet metal products fabricator. Our core competency with enclosure manufacturing began some years later and has been our livelihood for over 40 years.

EMF's experience, emphasis on customer satisfaction, and commitment to quality has made us a well sought after solutions provider. From machinery to water treatment, chemical processing, telecommunications, datacom, agriculture, and power control, EMF has an enclosure solution to fit almost every application.

EMF welcomes the opportunity to provide you onetime, turn key, or continuous outsource solutions at competitive pricing.

NEMA electrical enclosures

EMF Value Added Services

EMF Value Added Service is flexible manufacturing outsourcing for industrial companies that recognize the benefits of outsourced production. EMF offers a single point, one stop purchase for simple or complex projects.


Moderate to low volume custom tapping and thread chasing of enclosure parts or custom formed parts.

NEMA type 4 enclosures Tapping Services Data Sheet


High to low volume painting, plating, powder coating, or silk screening of enclosures, parts, or custom formed parts.

 Finishing Services Data Sheet


Moderate to low volume custom mechanical assembly, and component installation of parts inside or on to enclosures or custom parts.

electrical boxes Assembly Services Data Sheet


High to low volume of custom parts and bracket fabrication including: shearing, laser cutting, cnc punching, notching, punching, bending, welding, and grinding.

nema enclosures Fabricating Services Data Sheet