EMF Customized Sales Services.....

Expedited Delivery

Need to Expedite your Project? At EMF We Understand that Some Jobs Require a Quick Delivery. Contact Us Today for Help. 1-800-338-6727

Approval Drawings and Design Evaluation

For Fabrications That Require a Custom Drawing...EMF Can Help! Our Engineers Can Produce an Effective Digitally Produced Print and Send it to You for Sign-Off. EMF Engineering can also help develop or evaluate your enclosure design for just about any application. Contact Your EMF Sales Engineer if You Need an Approval Drawing

Order Management

If it's: Blanket Orders, Custom Stock Agreements, First Article Inspections, Certifications, Bill-and-Hold Arrangements, Planned or Un-Planned Re-Work, Special Freight Set-Ups, or Any Other Kind of Order Management Beyond The Scope Of the Normal Order Requirements...Give EMF a Call, We Have A Lot Of Experience With Custom Order Set-Ups. [1-800-338-6727]


Are You Looking to Expand Capacity and Outsource Enclosure or Enclosure Related Product? Then Look No Further. EMF has Partnering Programs That can be Customized to Suit Your Company Needs. Leaving Your In House Processes Open to Do What You Do Best While You Still Maintain Service to Your Customers. Contact Your Sales Engineer for More Info.

EMF Customized Fabrication Services.....

Custom Painting

Does Your Project Require a Custom Finish? At EMF We Have 16k square feet of dedicated paint finishing capacity. Our extensive sources for plating, passivating, sandblasting, galvanizing, and other ANSI related finish requirements. We can also Contact us at 1-800-338-6727 if you need a custom finish today!

Custom Welding

EMF has custom production welding experience and the capacity to carry out your project. We have 16k square feet of welding production at the ready. MIG, TIG, Spot, Projection, Robotic, Stick are some of the processes we handle in-house. Contact us at 1-800-338-6727 if you need custom welding today!

Part Forming

Cutting and forming sheet and structural metal parts is every day work for us at EMF. We have 24k square feet of cutting and forming production capacity ready to meet your needs. Our capability in this area includes Laser Cutting, Shearing, Conventional and Turret Based Punching & Notching, and automated and conventional brake press forming. Don't hesitate to call or email our sales team today.
[1-800-338-6727 or sales@emfcompany.com]


Sometimes you want that hardware , maybe pressed or welded in-place to an exact location. That's where EMF comes in and takes care of you. Pre-installing hardware saves time and makes for a welcoming "plug-and-play" feature to your part set-up. EMF has extensive experience installing the hardware you need for your projects. Contact us today to work it out! [1-800-338-6727 or sales@emfcompany.com]


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