EMF Hinge Cover JIC Type 4X
EMF Clamp Cover JIC Type 4X


EMF NEMA Type 4X JIC Wall Mounted Enclosures are typically installed for outdoor, or hose down applications. They are designed for use in housing electrical or electronic controls. The enclosure provides protection against hosed down water, or in the case of a Type 4X- resistance to a variety of corrosive substances.


  • EMF includes NEMA-JIC style mounting feet with each enclosure.
  • Weld Nuts provided for mounting panels.
  • #4 Grain for Stainless Type 4X
  • 16ga and 14ga., Construction in 304 SS or 316SS
  • Stainless Screws and Door Clamps.
  • Available in two base model configurations: Continuous Hinged and Clamp Cover

JIC 304 Stainless Steel NEMA Type 4X Continuous Hinge, Clamp Cover Boxes


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