Custom Enclosures

We at EMF know that our customers often have unique enclosure requirements, and expect a rugged and dependable custom enclosure to meet their needs.

When a custom or modified product order is processed, our build team goes to work to analyze the specifics of the request. They put together the resources needed to complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible. During this development period, your EMF Sales Engineer guides you through the build, helping you with changes, deletions, add-ons, or ship dates.



Painting and Finishing:

EMF offers multiple finish options to provide a clean look and provide an additional layer of protection. Choose from a wide range of RAL colors for custom powder coating – available for any enclosure. Other finishing services include custom engraving, plating, passivation, sandblasting, galvanizing and other ANSI related requirements. 

Custom Welding:

EMF employs skilled welders specializing in MIG, TIG, Spot, Projection, Robotic and Stick welding. So you can rest assured in the quality construction of your enclosure!

Part Forming:

Cutting and forming sheet and structural metal parts is done daily at EMF, to create well crafted enclosures. Capabilities in this service include Laser Cutting, Shearing, Conventional or Turret Based Punching & Notching, and Automated or Conventional Brake Press Forming.


Protect your components from the heat with a variety of add-on’s including Insulation, Sun Shields, and ventilation accessories. These shields are an effective way to cut internal temperatures by 25-46% on single and multiple surface coverages. 


Complete your enclosure with our high strength, steel back panels or hinged swing panels.  Panel provisions are built into every enclosure for easy installation and panels can be customized to fit your exact needs! 


EMF takes great care in the hardware selections that make up your enclosure. Save time and get the hardware you need pre-installed for your project applications! With a wide variety of latches, hinged & framed windows, wire management bars, and more, EMF Enclosures have endless custom options. 


EMF offers precise, custom machining on all enclosures for quick installation of disconnect switches, cables, and other components. We run multiple punch presses and laser machines to offer a wide variety of machining capabilities. Machining services include custom cutouts, drilled hole patterns, disconnect switch cutouts, punched louvers and more. To include custom machining on your enclosure, send a detailed drawing file to